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In the Constitution, as an example, “the United States” is handled as plural, but so is “the House of Representatives,” “the Senate,” and “Congress.” Over time, usage changed in American English, so that these collective nouns became construed as singular. (In British English, collective nouns can still take plural verb varieties.) “The United States” also went the singular route, but its path was difficult by the plural ending -s at the end of “States.” Some grammar guidelines are learnt in elementary schools, and but they nonetheless cause plenty of confusion for many English audio system. This might happen because certain words are misused in popular songs, movies, and TV-exhibits, and everyone who listens to this music or watches these films can not help getting confused often.

The non-profit foundation would then feed and relieve starving people in Africa, particularly Ethiopia, where around one million people died during the country’s 1983–1985 famine. The idea followed Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” project in the UK, which Belafonte had heard about. He also deliberate money to be put aside to help eliminate starvation in the United States of America.

For what it is value, I can confidently say that this will in all probability be the one time I ever write the word “datum” in a Datablog post. Data as a plural time period will be the correct usage but language evolves and we wish to write in terms that everyone understands – and that do not seem ridiculous. @holizz Singular knowledge annoys the same people that find break up infinitives objectionable – pedants with no understanding of linguistics. Elton John’s 1997 model of “Candle in the Wind”—a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales—later claimed the standing of greatest promoting pop single of all time. third season, Radio Bart, sees the residents of Springfield team up with musician Sting to produce a charity single “We’re Sending Our Love Down the Well”, primarily based on “We Are The World”, to supply assist to a boy they believe is trapped down a properly. The Filipino comedy movie I Have Three Hands, released in September 1985, featured a parody of the music video towards the end, the place characters perform a track titled “Maid in the Philippines”.

It stopped en route in New York, where 15,000 T-shirts were added to the cargo. Included within the supplies have been excessive-protein biscuits, excessive-protein nutritional vitamins, drugs, tents, blankets and refrigeration equipment.

Richie had recorded two melodies for “We Are the World”, which Jackson took, adding music and words to the music in the identical day. The subsequent conferences between Jackson and Richie have been unfruitful; the pair didn’t produce any additional vocals and got no work done. It was not until the night time of January 21, 1985, that Richie and Jackson completed the lyrics and melody of “We Are the World” within two and a half hours, one evening earlier than the song’s first recording session. Before the writing of “We Are the World”, American entertainer and social activist Harry Belafonte had thought for a while to have a song recorded by the most nicely-recognized artists in the music business on the time. He deliberate to have the proceeds donated to a brand new organization referred to as United Support of Artists for Africa .

It was written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian for the album We Are the World. With sales in extra of 20 million copies, it is the eighth finest-selling physical single of all time. The term “known unknowns” has been applied to the identification of chemical substances using analytical chemistry approaches, particularly mass spectrometry. In many instances, an unknown to an investigator that’s detected in an experiment is actually recognized in the chemical literature, a reference database, or an internet resource. The term was initially coined by Little et al. and reported a variety of occasions within the literature since then as a basic approach.

By taking part in our enjoyable instructional video games, college students can practice and evaluate key English vocabulary, grammar and sentences without the boredom which is usually encountered when doing paper-primarily based hole-fill workouts. Play the sport beneath and do not hesitate to share these resources with other learners. Already, on account of Secretary Foster’s cautious historic analysis on the subject, the House of Representative’s Committee on Revision of the Laws had dominated in 1902 that “the United States” must be handled as singular, not plural. The tide had finally turned — 4 a long time after the Civil War.

Hands Across America—USA for Africa’s follow-up project—was an occasion in which hundreds of thousands of individuals shaped a human chain across the US. The event was held to attract consideration to hunger and homelessness within the United States. “We Are the World”‘s co-author, Michael Jackson, had wished his music to be the official theme for the event.

On the opposite hand, books are plural, so you’ll write, “There are many books on the shelf”. The guidelines of collective and uncountable nouns, in addition to of collective phrases, additionally stay the same. When you could have a plural noun or multiple singular noun, use are, e.g. IS is the type of a verb to be that is used for singular nouns, while ARE is the shape used for plural nouns.

This is something that can occur in a text message without anybody noticing but in formal writing, it is unacceptable. For example, there isn’t a means that Is vs Are can be confused in an essay, a analysis paper, or a proper e-mail. Collecting phrases like a number of or a pair of could make it onerous to decide on between is and are. Which verb do you use if you’re speaking about numerous individuals? You could occasionally run into a pedant who disagrees, however precise utilization is on your side. A collective noun refers to a group of people or issues that is handled as a single entity in speech. A committee is made up of a number of folks, however the word itself is singular in form.

Several musicians had been contacted by the pair, earlier than Jackson and Richie had been assigned the task of writing the music. The duo accomplished the writing of “We Are the World” seven weeks after the discharge of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, and one night time before the music’s first recording session, on January 21, 1985. The historic event brought collectively some of the most nicely-identified artists within the music industry at the time. Since the release of “We Are the World”, and the Band Aid single that influenced it, numerous songs have been recorded similarly, with the intent to help catastrophe victims all through the world.

“We Are the World” has been performed stay by members of USA for Africa on a number of occasions each together and individually. One of the earliest such performances came in 1985, in the course of the rock music concert Live Aid, which ended with greater than one hundred musicians singing the song on stage. Harry Belafonte and Lionel Richie made surprise appearances for the stay rendition of the music. Michael Jackson would have joined the artists, but was “working across the clock in the studio on a project that he is made a major commitment to”, in accordance with his press agent, Norman Winter. In June 1985, the first USA for Africa cargo jet carrying meals, medication, and clothes departed for Ethiopia and Sudan.

One such instance concerned a supergroup of Latin musicians billed as “Hermanos del Tercer Mundo”, or “Brothers of the Third World”. Among the supergroup of 62 recording artists had been Julio Iglesias, José Feliciano, and Sérgio Mendes. Their famine relief song was recorded in the identical studio as “We Are the World”. Half of the earnings raised from the charity single was pledged to USA for Africa. The rest of the cash was for use for impoverished Latin American countries. Another notable example is the 1989 cover of the Deep Purple track “Smoke on the Water” by a supergroup of hard rock, prog rock, and heavy metallic musicians collaborating as Rock Aid Armenia to boost money for victims of the devastating 1988 Armenian earthquake. Stephen Holden, for the reason that release of “We Are the World”, it has been noted that movement has been made inside popular music to create songs that handle humanitarian considerations.

“We Are the World” was additionally influential in subverting the best way music and that means were produced, displaying that musically and racially numerous musicians may work together both productively and creatively. Ebony described the January 28 recording session, in which Quincy Jones introduced collectively a multi-racial group, as being “a serious second in world music that showed we will change the world”. “We Are the World”, along with Live Aid and Farm Aid, demonstrated that rock music had become more than entertainment, however a political and social movement. Journalist Robert Palmer famous that such songs and events had the flexibility to achieve people all over the world, send them a message, and then get outcomes.

Ken Kragen chaired a production meeting at a bungalow off Sunset Boulevard on January 25, 1985. There, Kragen and his group discussed the place the recording sessions with the supergroup of musicians should happen. Bahler said, “It’s like vocal arranging in a perfect world.” Jones disagreed, stating that the task was like “putting a watermelon in a Coke bottle”. The following evening, Lionel Richie held a “choreography” session at his home, where it was decided who would stand the place. The music was launched on March 7, 1985, as the first single from the album. A worldwide commercial success, topping music charts all through the world and turning into the fastest-selling U.S. pop single in history. The first ever single to be certified multi-platinum, “We Are the World” received a Quadruple Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America.

To start with, “We Are the World” was to be written by Jackson, Richie, and Wonder. As Wonder had limited time to work on the project, because of writing songs from the movie The Woman in Red, Jackson and Richie proceeded to write down “We Are the World” themselves. They started creating the song at Hayvenhurst, the Jackson family home in Encino. For every week, the 2 spent every night working on lyrics and melodies in Jackson’s bedroom. They knew that they needed a song that would be easy to sing and memorable. Jackson’s older sister La Toya watched the two work on the track, and later contended that Richie solely wrote a number of lines for the monitor. She said that her younger brother wrote 99% of the lyrics, “however he’s never felt it necessary to say that”.

People reported they purchased a couple of copy of the single, some buying as much as five copies of the record. In the early hours of the morning, two Ethiopian girls, friends of Stevie Wonder, had been introduced into the recording studio—it had been determined that a portion of the proceeds raised can be used to convey assist to these affected by the latest famine in Ethiopia. They thanked the singers on behalf of their nation, bringing several artists to tears, earlier than being led from the room. Wonder attempted to lighten the mood, by joking that the recording session gave him a chance to “see” fellow blind musician Ray Charles. “We just kind of ran into each other!” The solo components of the track have been recorded with none issues. The final version of “We Are the World” was accomplished at 8 am.

Entertainment supervisor and fellow fundraiser Ken Kragen was contacted by Belafonte, who requested for singers Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers—Kragen’s purchasers—to take part in Belafonte’s musical endeavor. Kragen and the two musicians agreed to help with Belafonte’s mission, and in turn, enlisted the cooperation of Stevie Wonder, to add extra “name worth” to their project. Quincy Jones was drafted to co-produce the music, taking outing from his work on the film The Color Purple. Jones also telephoned Michael Jackson, who had just launched the commercially profitable Thriller album and had concluded a tour with his brothers. Andrew Garratt of the Royal Statistical Society says the talk goes again to the Nineteen Twenties – and reared its head lately with some heated discussion within the Society’s publication. “Statisticians of a sure age and status check with them as plural but individuals like me use it within the singular.” National Geographic magazine has debated it too. The public enjoyed listening to a supergroup of musicians singing collectively on one monitor, and felt satisfied in buying the record, understanding that the money would go in direction of a great cause.

Harry Belafonte, representing the USA for Africa musicians, visited Sudan in the identical month. The trip was his final stop on a four-nation tour of Africa. Tanzanian Prime Minister Salim Ahmed Salim greeted and praised Belafonte, telling him, “I personally and the people of Tanzania are moved by this large instance of human solidarity.” “We Are the World” gained additional promotion and coverage on May 25, 1986, when it was played during a significant profit event held throughout the US.

The other board members of USA for Africa outvoted him, and it was as an alternative determined that a new track would be created and released for the occasion, titled “Hands Across America”. In distinction, Stephen Holden of The New York Times praised the phrase “There’s a selection we’re making, We’re saving our own lives”. He commented that the line assumed “an additional emotional dimension when sung by people with celebrity mystiques”. Holden expressed that the track was “an inventive triumph that transcends its official nature”.

One ultimate thing that may cause confusion is the difference between there is and there are. To be protected and correct, have a look at what goes after this phrase and choose the verb based on the foundations discussed beforehand. For instance, a cat is singular, so the correct sentence to write could be, “There is a cat on the roof”.

La Toya further commented on the music’s creation in an interview with the U.S. movie star information journal People. “I’d go into the room whereas they have been writing and it will be very quiet, which is odd, since Michael’s often very cheery when he works. It was very emotional for them.” Following the devastation brought on by the magnitude 7.0 M earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, a remake of the track by one other all-star solid of singers was recorded on February 1, 2010. Entitled “We Are the World 25 for Haiti”, it was launched as a single on February 12, 2010, and proceeds from the document aided survivors within the impoverished country. Awarded numerous honors—including three Grammy Awards, one American Music Award, and a People’s Choice Award—the song was promoted with a critically acquired music video, a VHS, a special edition journal, a simulcast, and several books, posters, and shirts. The promotion and merchandise aided the success of “We Are the World” and raised over $sixty three million (equal to $147 million at present) for humanitarian help in Africa and the US. Music video”We Are the World” on YouTube”We Are the World” is a charity single initially recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa in 1985.

He noted that not like Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, the vocals on “We Are the World” had been “artfully interwoven” and emphasised the individuality of each singer. Holden concluded that “We Are the World” was “a easy, eloquent ballad” and a “absolutely-realized pop assertion that may sound outstanding even if it weren’t recorded by stars”. Bob Geldof, addressing his fellow USA for Africa musicians throughout one of the recording sessions of “We Are the World” on January 28, 1985. Jackson revealed to Richie that he not solely wished to sing the music, but to take part in its writing as properly.

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